Successful age succession

In November 2019 of the Wirtschaftsspiegel, IHK Nord Westfalen has published an article about Roger Meijers (there accidentally Robert Meijers), CEO of GSG Robotics in Marl.

Here the successful age succession in co-operation with the Bürgschaftsbank Nordrhein Westfalen is emphasized.

Here the translated article:

GSG Robotics | Roger Meijers has taken over the Marler company GSG-Robotics in the course of an age succession. He was supported by Bürgschaftsbank Nordrhein Westfalen. The 44-year-old technician and programmer has more than 20 years of experience with industrial robots. GSG-Robotics is a full-service partner for two well-known robot manufacturers. The company maintains, repairs and optimizes robot systems in Germany and Europe.
Meijers also offers trainings and introductory seminars in robotics. "A robot does not work efficiently until it is in the right place, when it has a periphery of safety barriers and sensors around it, and when its software has been precisely programmed," says the Dutchman.

The original article can be found directly on page 40 in 11.2019 of the Wirtschaftsspiegel of the IHK.

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