Preventive maintenance schedules - carefully matched to the operating conditions of your robot - reduce robot accidents and minimize downtime in production.

Our goal is to ensure the utilization and efficiency of your robots and systems as long as possible and minimize downtime as far as possible. However, the maintenance intervals reported by the manufacturers of the robot systems are generally based on generally valid average values ​​for service life and load (regular maintenance). The reality very often looks very different. In order to avoid the failure of a robot in the best possible way, the actual requirement profile must be taken into account: Location parameters such as cleanliness and ambient temperatures, load, continuous loads (multi-shift operation); the precision of programming, and much more.

Our robot maintenance includes a thorough analysis of the operating conditions of your robots and the development of an integrated maintenance plan based on our own maintenance standards:

  • Backup all data of the robot including controller backup
  • Create a test program with the following robot test (with 100% speed incl. Brake test)
  • Documentation of current current values ​​in a data sheet, as a reference for later maintenance
  • Set a reference point via a 3-point laser to eliminate even the slightest misalignment after maintenance
  • Removal of the main axis motors for the grease change to ensure optimum grease replacement
  • Creation of a maintenance data sheet with complete defect report and optimization suggestions
  • Create a backup CD-ROM with backups and datasheet

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