When robot incidents occur, fast response and having the right spare parts are essential. In such cases a prepared emergency package is now worth gold because it keeps downtime to a minimum.

Robots are exposed to enormous loads. They work in multi-shift operation, often under high ambient temperatures or extreme dust and pollutant loads. Damage caused by premature wear - even due to operating errors or accidents - can never be completely ruled out but you can prepare ahead of time.

To minimize downtime after a fault has occurred, we recommend putting together an emergency package. For this purpose, we will analyze the specific conditions of use of your robot together with you and configure your individual spare parts emergency package based on the findings.

How to create the emergency package for your robot:

  • Knowledgeable analysis of the conditions of use of the robot
  • Development of operational concepts to reduce the load on the robot
  • Selection of the spare parts package tailored to the operating conditions
  • Guarantee that only the best quality parts are delivered
  • Regular inspection of the spare parts emergency package for operational readiness

Your advantages:

  • Minimization of robot downtime after incidents
  • The certainty that will be helped quickly and effectively
  • Reduction of capital requirements and storage costs

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